Without doubt, residential air-conditioner becomes a common domestic facility in living families. Application of commercial air-conditioner becomes a necessary facility in working places and public areas. It provides comfort and healthy environment to daily lives. Therefore people start aware that they don't only want to have the central air-conditioner in public area, but also in their daily life. This shows people desire for central air-conditioner being installed in their homes.


Residential split-type air-conditioner is widely used in common homes for an extensive time. The unit is obviously composes of an indoor fan coil unit and an outdoor condensing unit. After the split air-conditioner is installed, you can simply switch on/off and choose different modes by using a remote control. What about central air- conditioner? Actually its applications and operations are intelligent and easy. Moreover, the appearance, capability and comfort level are much better than residential air-conditioner.

Unlike the residential split unit, the central air conditioning system can be built in with the decorative outlook. The indoor unit is not explicitly seen, but it delivers comfort air-conditioned environment. Central air-conditioning system's performance is much flexible, user can choose the best energy saving mode which can be fully tailor made. You can have yourself enjoy in central air-conditioning system for its precise stable temperature air delivery environment.

There are much more advantages and features for central air conditioner versus residential air-conditioner. People are looking for better life style which not only for the comfort but also for conception. Nowadays, people prefer low-carbon eco-friendly and healthy life. And home type central air conditioner matches such healthy concept. It becomes more and more popular in family home.


Central air-conditioner has huge potential in household market. Comfort and concept match becomes the base. With the economic growth, luxury house, downtown community and villa become a substantial market to central air-conditioner. Currently, many manufacturers focus on central air-conditioner market. Home used central air-conditioner can override energy wastages; it creates new business opportunity for HVAC manufacturers.

People always regard central air conditioner as "noble air conditioner". It seems a contrary to common people. After all, home used central air conditioner costs more for equipment, installation and maintenance. It's foreseeable that there's still a long way for development of central air-conditioner market in common families.

However, there's no doubt that home used central air conditioner market is growing rapidly. Economic growth will obsolete oldies and bring forth the goodies. The global trend is low-carbon life. After 20 years development, the whole national economy has a long-term development. People are upgrading a high quality living environment. Western-style villa and large living area will become their target. It's not practical to use traditional air-conditioner. The limit capacity of residential air conditioner is not suitable and feasible for big area. Home central air-conditioner can improve this weakness. Moreover, High-tech houses are demanding, it will stimulate the real estate market. After all analysis, we conclude central air-conditioner will be a hot sale in home air-conditioner market. More products like Air Handling Unit HVAC Equipment,industrial refrigeration and cooling here!

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