China Blue Paint Anti Corrosion Use on Sea 200 and 400 Ton Saltwater Marine Chiller

The 20STB/40STD Series water-cooled marine chiller is manufactured  by adopting a combination of famous brand compressors and electronic control components, and is equipped with high-efficiency fin condenser and shell and tube evaporator. The unit is controlled by microcomputer and equipped with various protection functions, which can accurately control the operating conditions with high reliability. It is designed for used to freeze tuna on fishing boats, the water temperature of sea water can be adjusted from - 2 ℃ to 10 ℃
Cooling capacity range: 25kW-276kW.
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China Blue Paint Anti Corrosion Use on Sea 200 and 400 Ton Saltwater Marine Chiller

Main features of H.Stars water cooled marine chiller unit: The 20STB/40STD 

chiller for saltwater aquarium

marine water chiller

Titanium Heat Exchanger 
The heat exchanger of marine water chiller adopts the hydrophilic Titanium tube with inner thread design can mechanically connected through expansion with high performance and stable heat exchange. It is independently 
designed and manufactured with strict quality control. Titanium pipe has very strong seawater corrosion resistance, Configuring according to the place of use and process, it ensures 

that the heat transfer coefficient meets the design requirements. 

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchanger material


Compressor of Marine aquarium chiller

Marine aquarium chiller adopts famous brand compressor with middle bearing cap to achieve high energy efficiency and low sound level. The unit runs quieter and more efficient, with the scroll design of "contact-free and wear-free", it can reduce friction. 


Controller for Marine aquarium chiller

The controller  adopts the highly integrated button-type human-machine interface control center, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the system. The product adopts plastic shell, which is easy to install.The front and rear panels exchange data through 485 communication, and the entire system can be integrated or separated. Siemens PLC controller can also be selected to realize ModBus RTU, TCP or S7 communication.

High efficiency
The 20STB/40STD Series water-cooled marine chiller adopts spray type evaporator, energy consumption reduces 15% to 25% compare to dry type.
The marine chiller system adopts two stage screw compressor, high efficiency heat exchanger and mechanical throttling device, optimize system design, china energy label class can be 1. at the same time, its also tested by national lab, assure its performance comply to the national standard.

Operation reliable
1. 7 kinds protection devices are installed, assure operation properly.
2. Compressors in parallel design, and installed H.Stars patent combined type throttling device.
3. All chillers will be tested by national test laboratory before delivery, insure unit performance comply design standard.

Intelligent management 
1. Option for microcontroller or PLC,to satisfy difference customer.
2. Chiller adopted microcomputer with touch screen control system, provides the simplest and complete operation interface, timely feedbacks all maintenance information
3. Compatible BMS terminal control system, customer can monitor unit operating status anytime.
4. The heat pump has designed with 7 safety protection to ensure the unit running normally. Available in single and dual circuit designs to meet different customer requests. In case one of the compressors in dual compressor system fails, the other compressor can still be running to minimize the whole system shutdown risk from losses. Each equipment will be 100% tested by safety inspection system before shipping to ensure the chiller Performance in accordance with national standards.

5. With built-in highly efficient tube-in-shell heat exchanger and water pump, which ensures not only high efficiency performance of the system but also easy installation work. Compact design, more easy for installation, less space taken.

Easy installation and maintenance
Refrigerant and compressor lubrication oil are charged before delivery, unit only needs to connect inlet/outlet water and electricity in site before start-up.
Control interface displays error directly, provide fast system trouble-shooting.

Multiple refrigerant option, satisfy different customer
Chiller provides R22,R134a and other environmental friendly refrigerant according to according to customer requirements.

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