China modular scroll type water cooled chiller manufacturers

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China modular scroll type water cooled chiller manufacturers


China modular scroll type water-cooled chiller manufacturers

modular scroll type water-cooled chillermodular scroll type water-cooled chillerChina scroll type water chiller

1. Nominal cooling capacity: Air dry / wet bulb temperature inlet/outlet 35℃ /24℃ , Chilled water temperature inlet/outlet 12℃ /7℃ ; fouling 
coefficient 0.088 ㎡·℃ /kW; 
2. Chilled water temperature range: 5℃~ 20℃ ; 
3. Ambient temperature: 15℃~ 43℃ ; 
4. Specifications and dimensions are subject to change due to product improvement without prior notice

Product Description:

Customized Design
The China scroll type water chiller (both air cooled or water cooled available) is used in the production process freezing, refrigeration and industrial cooling. can be designed according to the dimension of the machine room, and it can be delivered to the site by CKD (completely knock down ) or SKD(semi knock down) or the whole unit. Different power supply are available according to different countries and regions ,such as modular scroll chiller suppliers

Heat Recovery Unit (optional)
The Scroll water source heat pump has two open type and WC box type. Modular combinations can be formed according to customer needs. 
Cooling capacity range: 25kW-308kW

Energy-saving Design (optional)
Modular scroll chiller factories equipped with high-efficiency shell and tube condenser and evaporator. The unit is controlled by microcomputer and equipped with various protection functions with high reliability.
Precision Protection
The Scroll type water chiller suppliers adopts the hydrophilic aluminum foil to reduce the adhesion of water on the aluminum foil and greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency. The aluminum fins are packed in the copper and features uniform wind speed. With reasonable array copper pipes, it is installed in "V"-shape to improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce fan noise. The copper tube and aluminum fin are mechanically connected through expansion with high performance and stable heat exchange. It is independently designed and manufactured with strict quality control. Configuring according to the place of use and process, it ensures that the heat transfer coefficient meets the design requirements.

 Scroll type water chiller suppliers---H.Stars experienced engineering team is qualified to provide a most suitable low temperature cooling solution for your unique need. The unit has Modular combinations can be formed according to customer needs. Cooling capacity range: 25kW-308kW. Different power supply of 50HZ and 60HZ are also available . 

The Modular scroll chiller factories are built to be intuitive and safe, with smart features like precise temperature control with a digital thermostat and safety packages that provide seamless pressure control and release.

Brief introduction of heat recovery technology
The 20STB Series Water-cooled Chiller is adopting the combination of famous brand compressors and electronic control components. It is equipped with high-efficiency shell and tube condenser and evaporator. The unit is controlled by microcomputer and equipped with various protection functions with high reliability. It is designed for comfortable air conditioning, 
and can be used in parallel with several machines/modules, and is suitable for commercial buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings etc. 
Winter energy-saving device
VFD water chiller can adopt R134a refrigerant according to the requirements, and won't destroy the ozone layer of the earth, which complies with the requirements of the Montreal Protocol; VFD energy saving, flooded type evaporator energy saving, industrial application energy saving advantages.

Cloud service (remote monitoring)
Central A/C cloud service system

Central A/C cloud service system for water chiller

Cloud service value: 
Remote control adjustment 
Remote monitoring 
Remote upgrade 
Fault warning 
Remote diagnosis 
Product distribution management 
Historical data analysis

Product show:

Scroll water source heat pump
Modular scroll chiller manufacturers
Scroll type water chiller suppliers

Our Services:
1. After sale service: All of our machine provide long time after-sale service .
2. We accept OEM orders, processing according to buyer’s samples or drawing
3. On-time shipment
4. Product quality protection   
5. Payment protection.
Application field:Industrial and commercial field 

Packaging & Shipping:

Modular scroll chiller packing and shipping

A. Technical Support
1. We'll help you select the most suitable models after accurate calculation. 
2. We can design and develop new products based on your requirement.
3. We'll provide you professional technical support on refrigeration & electronic to help you solve installation, debugging & operational problems. 
4. Spare parts and technical support will be provided within & after the warranty period.
5. We'll arrange free training courses to your team at our factory if needed.
B. After-sales Service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance. 
2. 12 months’ warranty,
3. Reasonable prices for purchased spare parts.
4. Update you our latest products information & price policy every year. 
C. Customized service
1. We can provide you OEM/ODM service
2. We can develop new product & technology as per your requirement 

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