China ventilation system underground mine | 2020-10-15
1 Project Overview

Ventilation system underground mine project is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province. It is a gold mining project for China National Gold Group Co., Ltd. The mine depth is 1500 meters. The temperature of the surrounding rock at the working face is expected to reach 43°C when the shaft reaches the bottom, and the temperature of the working face is required to be maintained at 25-28°C.

ventilation requirements for underground minesunderground mine ventilation systems

2. Ventilation requirements for underground mines Project


Working space

shaft of a well net diameter

Ventilation parameters

Air volume

Number of operations

Auxiliary shaft

50 meters

8.2 meter

8 times/h

21000 m3/h

8~10 people

3 Underground mine ventilation systems-- project design focus
(1) Heavy load, high temperature, high humidity, (2) Poor environment, dust flying around the mine; (3) Long mine roadway, high system pressure, large cooling loss; (4) Fresh air circulation, large temperature difference; (5) The working conditions of the mining level change greatly in each period; (6) The wind speed of the mining face is difficult to control, and the wind speed is too low, and the phenomenon of harmful and toxic gas stratification is easy to occur. If the wind speed is too high, it is easy to cause dust flying and cause secondary pollution.

4 scheme design

The design principle considers the customer's investment cost, delivery time, cost performance, safety and stability. The system is supplied with a complete set of equipment. The refrigeration section, the surface cooling section, and the air supply section are made into a skid model in the factory. It can be used after the on-site positioning, which greatly shortens the delivery time, reduces on-site installation costs, and reduces investment costs.

5. Project configuration

Device name

Cooling capacity

Cooling power

Air volume

Supply air dynamic pressure


Special refrigeration skid for mine





Full fresh air

types of ventilation system in mining the ventilation system

6. Program advantages

(1) The whole set of equipment is produced and installed in the factory, shortening the delivery time and installation cycle; (2) The equipment is debugged in the factory to ensure reliable operation of the equipment ; (3) The integrated equipment can reduce the initial investment cost (civil construction and installation costs) ); (4) The equipment is cost-effective and has a high utilization rate. After the project is completed, it can be used for other projects; (5) The three-level meter cools down and the air outlet temperature is lower; (6) The system is designed with double vents, adopted in transition seasons and winter Fresh air is supplied to reduce operating costs.

7. Advantages of ventilation system in mining

A. High efficiency and energy saving, matching the efficient flooded type heat exchanger produced by H.Stars Group. The chiller COP is as high as: 3.3

B. Reliable operation, adopting Hanbell high-efficiency compressor, high compression ratio, high energy efficiency, stable performance, multi-level energy adjustment, accurate coordination with unit load changes, low noise and low vibration. It has a wide operating range and can adapt to different operating conditions.

C. Green and environmental protection, using environmentally friendly refrigerant: R134A.

D. Intelligent control, one-key start. Equipped with cloud service function, mobile APP operation, realize remote or centralized management, save management cost.

E. Easy installation and maintenance, integrated design. Reduce customer installation work.

F. Adopt international brand electronic expansion valve throttling device to ensure quality.

G. Low noise fan, high air volume, high efficiency, sufficient dynamic pressure, IP54 protection level.

H. The finned heat exchanger has a V-shaped structure, high efficiency and simplicity, uniform wind speed, and stable heat exchange.

I. Reliable operation. The unit has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

J. Send cold wind and comfort to customers.

K. Matching high efficiency filter. Easy to clean.


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