From the perspective of market competition, the selection of special 2020-09-27
From a design perspective, look at the special "intelligence" of the H.Stars Group. This issue talks about the choice of compressor type.

According to conventional thinking, there is not much difficulty in the selection of compressor types, scroll compressors for small units, screw compressors for medium-sized units, and centrifugal compressors for large-scale units.

air-cooled chiller

Why mention the choice of compressor type? Let's make a simulation selection, assuming that a water-cooled chiller of about 300kW is needed.

Choose screw compressor, 40STD-280WS4, cooling capacity of 284kW, the price is about USD$ 1,4w.

Choose scroll machine, 20STB-100WFO4, refrigeration capacity 300kW, the price is about USD$ 1,2w.

From the data, the cooling capacity of the scroll machine is 6% larger than that of the screw machine, and the price of the scroll machine is 14% lower than that of the screw machine.

I believe you already know which product is competitive. The same is true for air-cooled chillers, so I won’t give an example here.

The following introduces the overlap area of the cooling capacity of the scroll machine and the screw machine.

Looking at the manual, you can see that the cooling capacity of a single scroll unit can reach 300kW. The minimum cooling capacity of a single screw unit is 90kW.

It can be seen from this that the cooling capacity of a single unit ranges from 90kW to 300kW where the scroll and screw overlap.

In the future, everyone will encounter projects with a single unit cooling capacity ranging from 90kW to 300kW, and you can choose between scroll and screw flexibly.

water-cooled chiller

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