Cold storage in drink processing industry | 2022-02-15

One of the Chinese Fruit Industry Co., Ltd in drink processing industry, H.Stars Group,a HVAC factory, has designed the project with a Cold storage equipment raw material storage and preservation warehouse invested by one of the Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., with a storage capacity of 10000 tons, a temperature of 0 ~ 5 ℃ in the warehouse and a total of 9 cold warehouses.

The quick freezing warehouse of the project adopts two star parallel screw water-cooled condensing units 20stb-l180wth2, the evaporator adopts ceiling cooling fan, and the condensing equipment adopts cooling tower. The whole system adopts centralized cooling mode, and the cooling fan adopts water frost flushing mode.

Cold storage equipment

HAVC factory

The project advantages:
1、The cold storage adopts a four head parallel condensing unit to realize the mutual allocation and use of cooling capacity among cold storage, save initial investment, and more flexibly adapt to the change of heat load of cold storage due to different storage volume of goods。
2、The condensing unit adds heat recovery function and provides free hot water flushing for the cold storage。
3、The water storage tank of the cooling tower is transformed to combine it with the frost flushing water tank, and the frost flushing water is mixed with the condensate to realize the recovery of cold and heat energy, which not only improves the condensation effect of the quick freezing condensing unit, but also ensures that the temperature of the frost flushing water will not be too low after several cycles
4、The water defrosting system of the project not only realizes the effect of water saving, but also solves the problem of defrosting water temperature by recovering the defrosting water for use in the cooling tower
5,The refrigeration (- 18 ℃) condensing unit and cooling fan adopt the method of one-to-one correspondence, and the system is safe and reliable
6、The cold storage hall adopts low-temperature hall to reduce the outdoor hot air entering the cold storage.
7、The whole project adopts a centralized monitoring system, which is simple to operate, monitors the cold storage temperature anytime and anywhere, and has the cold storage fault alarm function.

drink processing industry

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