Comparison of heat pump drying technology and traditional drying technology 2019-03-31

Heat pump drying technology and traditional drying technology ,which has more advantages?

At present, agriculture, food, chemical industry, ceramics, medicine, mineral processing, pulp and paper, wood processing and other industries, all the production process almost all use drying, drying material quality depends on whether a good control of constant temperature.

Heat pump drying technology is a mild, close to natural drying method, more suitable for most agricultural products, medicinal materials and other heat-sensitive materials drying.

The principle of heat pump dryer is the use of reverse carnot principle of gas compressor pressurized, become (temperature up to 100 ℃), high temperature and high pressure gas entering the indoor side of heat exchanger (condenser), refrigerant condensing liquid heat release of the high-temperature heating drying room air.

The materials in the drying room will vaporize and evaporate the moisture in the materials in the form of hot air, and the evaporated water vapor will be discharged by the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying the materials.

The heat pump dryer only needs to consume the electrical energy which the compressor USES when the work, may obtain more energy from the air, the energy efficiency ratio is as high as 400%, is more energy saving than other drying methods.

1. characteristics of traditional drying technology

For example, at present, most dehydrated vegetables are still produced by the traditional drying method -- oven back to longhuo road heating drying method, which has several problems:

1. The drying temperature is too high.
The traditional drying technology, drying temperature is not easy to control, the general drying temperature is about 75-90 ℃, and dehydrated vegetables drying process requirement drying temperature shall not exceed 65 ℃.

2. Excessive drying time.
Traditional drying technology, each processing of 1 ton of vegetables need at least more than 24h, sometimes due to poor drying effect to rework, it takes longer.

3. Large energy consumption.
Traditional drying technology, thermal efficiency is low, about 30%-60%, in the drying process, drying evaporation water heat accounts for about 36%, waste gas loss accounts for about 58%, dry material heat and dryer heat loss accounts for 2% and 2%, thermal efficiency is only 40%.

2. the characteristics of heat pump drying technology

1. Low drying temperature.
Heat pump drying technology of the production technology about 38-52 ℃ lower than the conventional drying technology, the heat pump drying technology of the heating temperature at about 37 ℃.

2. Short drying time.
Heat pump drying dehydrated vegetable production process, the need for the time does not exceed about 8h, generally from preheating to product 4h can be completed.

3. Good drying quality.
Heat pump drying process produced vegetables, product color is better, the inherent quality is stable.

4. Low energy consumption.

Due to the heat pump drying process using air circulation, low heating temperature, short drying time, large capacity.

So heat pump drying process less energy consumption, is a good energy-saving products.

3. Comparison of economic and technical indicators

Heat pump drying technology of various economic and technical indicators are significantly higher than the traditional drying technology, mainly reflected in energy saving, quality, efficiency and other aspects.

1. Energy consumption: (1) heat pump drying: according to the test, the heater consumes 20kg of standard coal for processing 1t fresh vegetables, 2.75kw for heat pump and 0.2kw for circulating fan.
H), standard coal 4.803kg, total energy consumption is 20kg+4.803kg=24.803kg(standard coal);
(2) traditional drying: the total consumption of standard coal is 240kg, the power consumption of the circulating fan is 2.4kw, the converted standard coal coefficient is 407g/(kW/H), equivalent to 0.977kg of standard coal in total, and the total energy consumption is 240+0.977=240.977kg(standard coal).
The energy saving efficiency ratio of the two methods is :(1-24.803/240.977) 100%=90%.

2. Quality: heat pump drying process, stable product quality, good color, no SO2 and other dew residue.

3. Efficiency: heat pump drying process is adopted, with qualified moisture content, no rework and short drying time.

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