Dongguan hospital outpatient department 2019-04-21

Background of the project:

        The outpatient department of a hospital in Dongguan, the first to fifth floors of the medical technology department and the first to eleventh floor of the inpatient department, the air conditioning area is 22,680 square meters. 1. Outdoor (summer): dry bulb temperature: 33.5 ° C; wet bulb temperature: 27.7 ° C; relative humidity: 83%.

2, indoor: dry bulb temperature: 24 ° C ~ 26 ° C; relative humidity: 55% ~ 65%; fresh air volume: 20 cubic meters / hour · people.

Energy-saving program design:
         The outpatient department and the inpatient department adopt the fan coil and the fresh air system. The medical technology department, the foyer and the large room are equipped with a ceiling air cabinet for cooling, and the new air cabinet uses an ultra-thin top-mounted new air unit.
        The main system adopts three “H.stars” water-cooled screw chillers, four cooling water pumps and five chilled water pumps (3 running & 1 stand by), three cooling towers, chilled water supply temperature of 7 ° C, and return water temperature of 12 ° C. The cooling water outlet temperature was 32 ° C and the return water temperature was 37 ° C.

        The constant temperature and humidity air conditioner adopts the air conditioning system scheme of “H.stars constant temperature and humidity air conditioner” and “H.stars chiller” to control the temperature and humidity within the required range.
        “H.stars constant temperature and humidity air conditioner” has wide control range and high control precision. The water temperature of "H.stars chiller" has adjustability, and the control precision can reach +1 °C; the constant temperature and humidity combined air cabinet has cooling section (cooling and dehumidifying section), heating section and humidifying section due to its functional characteristics, so that it Temperature and humidity control is achieved. After the treatment, the temperature and humidity of the supplied air completely reach the use requirements.

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