Pharmacy refrigeration engineering design 2019-03-21

Project Overview

This project is for the charging workshop, the air conditioning of the feeding room and the cooling of the medicine delivery rail. It is planned to design the air conditioning of the workshop as the central air conditioning mode, and the steel platform of the charging workshop can be separately supplied with air, which can evenly adjust the load of the air-conditioned room, and can effectively save Operating expenses. The cooling mode of “HSTARS” water-cooled screw heat recovery chiller + air conditioning windbox/cooling water jacket is adopted. The air conditioner adopts a positive pressure fresh air supply mode.

Energy saving scheme design
The indoor temperature and humidity are controlled at 25 °C, ≤60%, at this time, the moisture content is 12.056g/kg; under this moisture content, the fresh air is cooled and dehumidified to the indoor moisture parameter and other moisture content lines, and the relative humidity is 95%, the temperature is 17.51 ° C, the enthalpy is 48.21kJ / kg; the outdoor calculated dry bulb temperature Tg = 35.4 ° C, wet bulb temperature TS = 27 ° C, the enthalpy value is 85.92kJ / kg; When it is sent indoors, the relative humidity exceeds the standard, and the product absorbs moisture. Therefore, it needs to wait for wet heating. The air supply temperature is 22 °C. At this time, the air enthalpy is 52.35kJ/kg. It is usually used for the recovery of the sanitary hot water provided by the host. Steam heating to meet demand.

The main unit of the air-conditioning system adopts “HSTARS” brand 40STB series heat recovery products. This model adopts the screw compressor produced by HANBELL Co., Ltd., the largest compressor manufacturer in Taiwan. Other equipments are manufactured by our company. This series of units is one of the most mature models of our company. The unit is equipped with a microcomputer control system, which has fault display and operation status display; assembly phase loss reverse phase protection, motor overload protection, antifreeze protection, high and low pressure protection, etc. Protection measures; there is also a wiring port reserved for connection with the cooling system and the fire protection system in the electric control box, which can be connected to the building control system with perfect functions. The energy control uses multiple stages of energy adjustment without segmentation, suitable for single or multi-machine parallel operation. At the same time of cooling, it provides free hot water supply to the constant temperature and humidity cabinet, and functions as a heating function to reduce the heating cost of the wind cabinet to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

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