Xi Lai Deng Hotel Hot Water System Renovation Project 2019-04-21

About Xi Lai Deng Hotel:

About Xi Lai Deng Hotel is a resort hotel located in Shenzhen, a collection of rooms, catering, entertainment, grand business conference with 75,000 square meters covering area and 28 floors.

Project requirements:

The hotel already has centrifugal chillers, no boiler but needs to improve the hot water system.


According to the requirements of the project, H.Stars designed a cooling and heating system for the project, which is divided into high, middle and low zone systems.


1. The system selects "H.Stars" water source hot water unit for cooling and heating, one machine for two purposes;

2. The system adopts cold recovery technology, and the overall energy efficiency COP can reach 7.5;

3. The system does not need boiler configuration, safe and reliable, not subject to fire control;

4. The comprehensive operation cost can be saved by more than 47%

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