H.Stars Group condensing units improve the food processing industry 2020-07-30
Project Overview

1. This project is a cold storage project of a foreign-invested food company in Zhongshan, China. The project includes a 6T / secondary freezing warehouse (-35 ℃), a finished product warehouse, a raw material warehouse, a rolling room and a production workshop.

2. Equipment configuration description: The quick-freezing warehouse of this project adopts an H.Stars Group low-temperature single-compressor dual-stage condensing unit (the condensation equipment is equipped with an evaporative condenser), and the evaporator of the quick-freezing warehouse adopts a variable-pitch vertical cooler. Other cold storage uses a combination of one-to-one air-cooled condensing unit and ceiling-mounted chiller.

H.Stars Group condensing units improve the food processing industry

low temperature glycol chillers

Project advantages
1. The quick-freezing warehouse uses a single-compressor dual-stage condensing unit. The screw single-compressor dual-stage compression refrigeration cycle has a reduced pressure ratio per stage, less leakage, and less insulation loss; high volumetric efficiency and large cooling capacity; the intercooler is overcooled, which makes the cooling capacity Increased, improved refrigeration factor; rotor bearing with low stress and long service life; high thermal insulation efficiency, motor power saving, energy saving, easy to realize automatic control;

2. The heat recovery function of the condensing unit of the quick-freezing warehouse is provided to provide free hot water washing for the workshop;
3. By transforming the evaporative condenser storage tank into a frost water pool, the frost water and condensate water are mixed to realize the recovery of cold and heat energy, which not only improves the condensation effect of the quick-freezing condensing unit, but also guarantees several times. The temperature of frosting water will not be too low after circulation;
4. The water flushing system of this project recovers the frosting water for the evaporative condenser, which not only achieves the effect of saving water, but also solves the problems of cleanliness and temperature of the flushing water (the conventional water flushing system needs to be discharged regularly) Partly flush the frost water and add tap water)
5. Other cold storage condensation units and chillers use one corresponding method; the system is safe and reliable;
6. The evaporative condenser is used for the condensation equipment of the quick-freezing warehouse, which has large air volume and good heat dissipation effect.
7. The entire project adopts a centralized monitoring system, which is simple to operate, monitors the temperature of the cold storage at anytime and anywhere, and has a cold storage failure alarm function.

Project Photos

condensing units for industry

H.Stars Group condensing units

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