How does H.Stars Group produce a high quality air cooled chiller ? 2020-06-29

Since H.Stars Group has been established for more than 28 years so far, some of you might wonder how H.Stars produces a high quality air cooled chiller. Below is the detailed production process with strict quality control system and 100% testing before delivery.

1. Chiller Frame welding: clean the bracket and select the appropriate welding method according to the specifications of the welding materials and the technical requirements of the drawings. Chiller Bracket assembly: the bent compressor, filter and other brackets are assembled and welded according to the dimensions required by the drawing.

Air Cooled Chiller

2.Refrigerant pipeline connection: For the vibration mode of the compressor, use a suitably shaped pipe to avoid resonance points near the power frequency; you can avoid resonance by adding weight.

 Air cooled chiller system

3. Chiller Bracket assembly

Air cooled chiller components

4. Assembly of fin type condenser: the fin type condenser jointly produced by the subsidiary of H.Stars Group, according to customer requirements and engineer design.

fin type condenser

5.Sheet metal: the electric control box shell on the H.Stars chiller is designed and manufactured independently, and the quality is under the control of the factory.

electric control box

6.Layout of electrical components
According to the electrical schematic diagram, the layout of the electrical components and the wire slot is reasonably discharged on the electrical base plate, and the hole position of the corresponding component and the installation hole position of the wire slot are marked with a pencil and drilled. The layout requires that the components should not be hindered by space during operation, and there should be no possibility of touching the charged body.

Layout of electrical components

7.Electric control box and compressor wiring: The controller imports the latest version of the program according to the factory operation standards before installation, and sets and adjusts the corresponding parameters according to the model parameter comparison table and customer requirements.

Electric control box and compressor wiring

8.Equipment testing station
National standard testing station, the factory equipment must be tested, and only after passing the test can the goods be delivered to ensure reliable product quality.

Equipment testing station

9. Large equipment testing station

Can test 800RT ~ 3000RT equipment, mainly detect centrifuge and large equipment, large equipment necessary facilities, it rare in the industry.

Large equipment testing station

10.Pack insulation cotton

Confirm customer requirements of the order chiller and the type of chiller, and clarify the position and standard of the chiller to be wrapped with thermal insulation cotton. The chiller pump and related waterway system parts are not wrapped with thermal insulation cotton before the test machine. It is necessary to check whether there is a leakage through the test machine process. The test machine can be wrapped with no thermal insulation leakage.

Pack insulation cotton

11.Outside spray

The main parts of H.Stars chiller are evaporator and condenser. The products are produced independently. According to customer requirements, the appearance uses different colors and forms; after the surface of the heat exchanger is polished and ashes, the primer and topcoat are sprayed.

evaporator and condenser

12.Packing Type

At the time of shipment, we can provide fumigated wooden cases and plywood boxes according to the size of the equipment and customer requirements to protect the products


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