H.Stars Heat Pump Project of Commercial Building 2021-12-14
Project Overview
Project Name: Heating Project of Ross Empire Commodity Distribution Center
Heating area: 40,000 square meters
Original heating method: central heating by municipal large network

Reconstruction purpose: improve heating quality and reduce operating costs

H.Stars Heat Pump Project of Commercial Building

Project Requirements
Category Area Indoor temperature in winter Heating time Heating load
Commercial Plaza 40000m2 15~18℃ 8h/day 1800kw

Project Overview
The project is located in Heilongjiang Province which has a continental monsoon climate with an average temperature of -20°C in winter. The heating period in this field runs from mid-October to mid-April of the year, and heating is needed half of the time each year.
The project, the Russ Empire Commodity Distribution Center, mainly deals with imported goods from Russia; the square has a construction area of 40,000 square meters. The commercial plaza originally used the municipal large network for centralized heating, and the heating cost became the largest operating cost expenditure of the plaza. At the same time, the municipal heating has the following Shortcomings:
(1) The water supply temperature is unstable, and the indoor temperature fluctuates greatly;
(2) Users cannot adjust the temperature according to their own needs;
(3) The municipal pipe network is long, the heat loss is large, and the cost is high;
(4) Insufficient water supply pressure and water volume for remote users;

Heat Pump

The project adopts a high-efficiency water source heat pump unit, and the unit is designed with two screw compressors and dual system circuits to ensure the safety of heating. The unit can adjust the temperature of the outlet water according to requirements, from 40°C to 55°C. At the same time, in order to rationalize water resources and reduce water source waste, the unit adopts a flooded type evaporator, and the outlet water temperature is designed to be 3.5℃, which maximizes the use of well water and improves the energy efficiency ratio of the unit.

Project Configuration
Equipment name Heating capacity Heating power Hot water supply and return water temperature Well water supply temperature
High efficiency water source heat pump unit 1895kw 403kw 45℃/40℃ 9℃

Benefit Analysis
The customer originally used municipal central heating, and the commercial heating cost was USD$6.72 per square meter, and the annual heating cost was about 1.7 million, not including the preliminary supporting fees.

Electric power consumption statistics after renovation
Water source heat pump unit Hot water circulating pump Well water circulating pump Total power Average electricity cost
403kw 45kw 15kw 463kw US$0.07/degree
Hourly heating fee: 463×0.45=US$33
Cost of a heating season: 208×8×30×6=US$47619

Solution Advantage
(1) One machine with multiple functions: wide application; integrating three functions of cooling, heating and hot water.
(2) Green and environmental protection: no boiler room system is required for heating, no cooling tower is required for cooling, and no emission pollution during use.
(3) High efficiency and energy saving: The water source heat pump consumes 1kW.h of electricity, and the user can get 4.3~5.2kW.h of heat or 5.4~6.2kW.h of cooling; it saves water and land, and does not consume water resources.
(4) Flexible use: Adjust the outlet water temperature and use time according to requirements.
(5) Intelligent control: The equipment adopts PLC fully automatic control and is equipped with cloud service remote control function, without the need for special personnel to supervise the computer room.

Screw heat pump
   Chiller with Heat Recovery

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