Water cooled flooded screw chiller for dairy project 2021-12-28
Project Summary

The project covers an area of 84 acres and has a total investment of 20 million USD. It will construct joint production workshops, milk collection rooms, power workshops, boiler rooms, office buildings, sewage treatment stations, staff dormitories and other buildings, with a construction area of 18,000 square meters. After the project is completed, it can meet the daily processing capacity of 500 tons of fresh milk. The source of fresh milk is the company's purchase of orders. The daily production of "Jane Eyre" brand low-temperature yogurt is 500 tons. The main technological process is milk collection → purification → sterilization → ingredients → pasteurization → fermentation → cooling → filling.

Project Solution
Process ice water system: equipped with 4 sets of 1.2 million kcal evaporative water cooled flooded screw chiller and 2 sets of economizers, the inlet and outlet water temperature of the chiller is 12/2℃, the cooling capacity of a single unit is 1414kw, the input power is 256kw, COP5. 52. The heat dissipation capacity of the economizer is 2280kw (ambient temperature -15°C), and the power is 33.6kw;
Process tower water system: equipped with a process closed cooling tower, the inlet water temperature is 40°C, the outlet water temperature is 30°C, the cooling flow rate is 350m³/h, the fan power is 4*5.5kw, and the water pump power is 5.5kw;
Air conditioning chilled water system: equipped with a water-water plate heat exchanger, heat exchange capacity 2000kw, hot side inlet and outlet water temperature 12/7℃, cold side inlet and outlet water temperature 2/10℃, cold source is extracted from the process ice water supply tank ;

Machine room scene

Evaporative water cooled flooded screw chiller

flooded screw chiller

Evaporative water cooled flooded screw chiller

Cold recovery energy saver

Cold recovery energy saver

Hstars Evaporative screw chiller

Evaluation and summary
1. The ice water chiller unit adopts a large water temperature delta technology design (10℃), the overall efficiency of the refrigeration unit is increased by 7.5%, the power of the water pump is reduced by 32% and the cost of the supporting project is 30%.
2. According to the climate characteristics of Chengde City, design an energy-saving cold recovery system in winter. Running the winter energy-saving cold recovery system in winter can reduce the temperature of the process ice water in the workshop and save the operating cost of the chiller.
3. The project adopts evaporative-cooled water cooled flooded screw chiller to reduce the operating cost of cooling water pumps of traditional cooling equipment. The system energy efficiency (COP) is as high as 5.6, which saves 25%-30% of energy compared with ordinary systems.

water cooled flooded screw chiller

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