H.Stars special air conditioning equipment for intelligent mine | Hstarschiller.com 2020-12-30

H.Stars recently has manufactured a combined air conditioning system to send cold air from the head of the well to 1,500 meters below the mine, to send cold air, comfort, and protection to the body and work for the mine workers!

R134A air-conditioning equipment

H.Stars refrigeration has developed an integrated R134A air-conditioning equipment for mine air supply in a short period of time, which has received lots of good feedback from customers after operation.

special air-conditioning equipment

Advantages and characteristics of special air-conditioning equipment for H.Stars mine:
1. Efficient and energy-saving, matching the high-efficiency flooded type heat exchanger produced by H.Stars Group. The unit COP is as high as
2. Reliable operation, adopting Hanbell high-efficiency compressor, high compression ratio, high energy efficiency, stable performance, multi-level energy adjustment, accurate coordination with unit load changes, low noise and low vibration. It has a wide operating range and can adapt to different operating conditions.
3. Green and environmental protection special air-conditioning equipment , using environmentally friendly refrigerant: R134A.
4. Intelligent control, one-key start. Equipped with cloud service function, mobile APP operation, realize remote or centralized management, save management cost.

special air-conditioning equipment

5. Easy installation and maintenance, integrated design. Reduce customer installation work.
6. Adopt international first-line brand electronic expansion valve throttling device to ensure quality.
7. Use low-noise high-quality fan, high air volume, high efficiency, sufficient dynamic pressure, IP54 protection level.
8. The finned heat exchanger has a V-shaped structure, high efficiency and simplicity, uniform wind speed, and stable heat exchange.
9. Reliable operation, the unit has a variety of safety protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the unit
10. Sending cold supply air and comfort to customers.
11. Matching high efficiency filter. Easy to clean.

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