Constant Temperature Swimming Pool Heat Pump Unit | 2021-01-08

We all know that winter swimming has many advantages: 

1. It can enhance cardiovascular function. 

2. The stimulation of cold water can close the peripheral blood vessels, increase the blood supply of important organs such as heart, brain, liver and spleen, so that more oxygen can be delivered to brain cells in time, which is conducive to the elimination of nervous system fatigue. 

3. The skin of those who insist on winter swimming is ruddy, shiny and elastic. And people also hope to enjoy the fun of swimming in winter, but not everyone can bear it. Hstars group constant temperature swimming pool heat pump can be a good solution.

heat pump swimming pool

1. Demand analysis of swimming pool with constant temperature
Constant temperature swimming pool, also known as indoor constant temperature swimming pool; that is, the temperature of the water in the pool heating system is maintained at 26~28℃, which is suitable for the temperature of the human body. When the indoor swimming pool is designed, the water body of the indoor swimming pool will be heated by various ways. The constant temperature heat pump of swimming pool transforms the low-grade heat energy in the air into the high-grade heat energy through the reverse Carnot cycle principle, which is used to heat the swimming pool water at constant temperature.

pool heating system

Swimming pools generally have the disadvantages of high energy cost, fogging and dewing of glass in winter, easy corrosion of decoration, and full of chlorine smell. It is hoped that through the use of the most advanced design concept and advanced technical equipment, through the host and reasonable pool heating system design,not only can ensure the constant temperature and humidity of indoor space and the constant temperature of pool water, but also can avoid the generation of condensate.

2. Heat pump solution for swimming pool with constant temperature

Heat pump solution for swimming pool with constant temperature

The constant temperature swimming pool heat pump of Hstars group focuses on providing hot water for swimming pool, providing a warm swimming environment for swimmers. The dehumidification heat pump with new exhaust system is adopted to control indoor humidity, ensure indoor air quality of swimming pool pipe, and provide a healthy and comfortable environment for swimmers.

3. Principle of constant temperature swimming pool system
In winter, the heat pump takes refrigerant as the heat medium, absorbs heat in the air (connected with heat exchange in the middle of the evaporator), improves the heat energy at low temperature to high temperature through the compressor, and heats the circulating water of the system (connected with heat exchange in the middle of the condenser). In summer, the heat pump takes the refrigerant as the refrigerant, absorbs the cooling capacity in the air (connects heat exchange in the middle of the condenser), and transfers the heat of the high temperature position through the compressor It can be reduced to low-temperature potential cooling energy. The circulating water of the refrigeration system (connected with heat exchange in the middle of the evaporator) can make the heat energy (cold energy) that can not be directly used be regenerated into the heat energy (cold energy) that can be directly used. Only a small amount of electric energy is consumed, and the energy-saving return of 2~6 times of the input power is obtained, which is determined by the working principle of heat pump.

working principle of heat pump

H.Stars group heat pump units are used in various sizes of domestic, villa and commercial swimming pools. For large swimming pools, modules can be assembled and assembled according to the actual load!
The heat pump unit of H.stars Group adopts heat pump technology with high efficiency and energy saving. The unit directly heats the pool water, and the annual average energy efficiency is as high as 5.0. Compared with the traditional heating mode (boiler + plate heat exchanger), the operation cost can be saved by 65% ~ 80%

4.Characteristics of swimming pool heat pump solution
1. During dehumidification (refrigeration) operation, the total heat recovery technology is used to recover all the heat discharged into the environment to heat the swimming pool water to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction;
2. Cost saving operation, it can dehumidify indoor swimming pool all day long, at the same time, it can maintain constant water temperature of swimming pool, the unit has high energy efficiency, low operation cost, and there is no need to worry about high electricity charges;

3. Health and environmental protection: compared with other conventional hot water equipment (such as oil fired boiler, gas fired boiler, electric boiler, etc.), the heat pump technology can save 65% - 80% of the operation cost, and has no pollution to the environment.

5. Scheme advantages
Intelligent control, no need for special care, swimming pool heat pump in the operation of water and electricity separation, absolutely safe and reliable. Provide constant temperature for swimming pool all day long to meet customer comfort requirements. For managers, the investment and operation maintenance cost is low, and the recovery cycle is short. At present, with the rising of oil price, natural gas and other energy prices, the advantage of using heat pump is increasing.

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