High Temperature Heat Pump Unit For Swimming Pool

H.Stars Group heat pump collect heat from air by 20℃ below the refrigerant and Compress heat into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant, and then passed through the heat transfer to the need to be heated water or other media
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High Temperature Heat Pump Unit For Swimming Pool

H.Stars Group Air-cooled heat pump unit is widely used in lots of different areas especially like swimming pool,five stars restaurant. Cooling and heating capacity ranges from 20kw-680kw.

Advantage Of Degaulle Air Source Heat Pump

Overview of H.Stars Group

1.High efficiency and energy saving

Swimming pool heat pump unit requires only a small amount of electricity can be converted into 3-4 times the heat used to provide hot water, high energy conversion rate, significant savings in operating costs.

2.Anti-corrosion and durable

Degaulle pool dedicated heat pump group with excellent anti-corrosion performance of PVC+titanium tube condenser,ensure the main components in contact with the swimming pool can effectively resist the erosion of chloride ion in water, durable.

3.Intelligent control

Temperature control system can accurately monitor the water temperature, keep the water temperature close to the set temperature, to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.

Certificates of H.Stars Group

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