How to design a constant temperature and humidity air conditioning system for Pharmaceutical factories 2022-05-06

For pharmaceutical factories, some production line requires a constant temperature and humidity air conditioning to keep the room ambient for special purpose use. However ,how to design an air conditioning system with stable constant temperature and humidity for the room in pharmaceutical factories?Below are the project reference that H.Stars Group has designed for one the client .

Constant temperature and humidity air conditioning

Project overview
Project address: Qujing City, Yunnan Province
Project name: Constant temperature and humidity air conditioner for oral solid preparation workshop

Project requirements:



Temp requested/

Humidity requested/%

Number of air changes

Cleanliness level





Clean workshop






15 times/h

100,000 level

Solution design
1. System cold and heat source: The system cold source is equipped with “HSTARS" screw water-cooled chillers, and the heat source is municipal steam.
2. Supply and return water temperature: 7℃/12℃ in summer
3. Water system: a closed mechanical circulation system is adopted, and two vertical circulating water pumps (1 used and 1 prepared) are selected.
4. Air system: the end adopts horizontal constant temperature and humidity air cabinet and secondary air return system.
5. Cooling system: “HSTARS" low-noise circular cooling tower is adopted to solve noise complaints in residential areas.
6. Control system: adopt Siemens PLC fully automatic control.

System schematic diagram

Pharmaceutical industry

Device Configuration





Screw type water-cooled chiller

Cooling capacity: 373KW

Input power: 70KW


Round cooling tower

Flow rate: 100m³/h

Input power: 2.2KW


Horizontal constant temperature and very humid wind cabinet

Air volume: 35000m³/h

Cooling capacity: 200KW


Vertical cooling water pump

Flow rate: 91m³/h

Head: 27m


One for use one for standby

Vertical chilled water pump

Flow rate: 81m³/h

Head: 32m


One for use one for standby

screw water-cooled chillers

Energy-saving design
1. The air system is designed with a secondary air return system to balance cooling and heating and reduce operating costs.
2. The purification air cabinet adopts the dew point air supply method, which greatly reduces the energy loss caused by dehumidification and reheating, and saves more than 30% of the annual cost compared with the ordinary method.
3. Combination of main and end, combined wind and water adjustment; under the premise of ensuring indoor comfort, the air system and water system are adjusted synchronously based on the end load demand.
4. The fresh air equipment has a clean and dehumidifying function to ensure the quality of fresh air and achieve the purpose of energy saving at the same time .

purification air cabinet

Solution advantages:
(1) Stable performance: It adopts screw compressor with stable performance, low noise and long service life.
(2) Independent property rights: Unique internal oil return design of the evaporator, low oil return load and high efficiency.
(3) Safe and reliable: The unit is equipped with multiple protections to ensure operational reliability.
(4) High-efficiency and energy-saving: equipped with a full-liquid evaporator, the energy efficiency of the whole machine can reach 5.5.
(5) Intelligent control: The equipment adopts PLC automatic control, no special person is required to supervise the machine room.

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