Industrial Anti-corrosion Screw Type Chiller

H'Stars Industrial anti-corrosion screw type chiller for special industries with corrosion proof requirements. The product is availabe for custom with 60-3200kW and can be specially designed according to different needs.

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chemical chiller

anticorrosion chiller

titanium evaporator

Evaporator Material:

PP Body Shell

Titanium Tube 

Evaporator adopts PP body Shell & Titanium Tube, specially design for corrosive liquid cooling ;

-COP 3.0 ~ 6.1(for Flooded Type);

-Cooling, Heat Pump, Heat Recovery(H'Stars Patent);

-10 yrs proven touch screen control boards

-BMS compatible with RS485;

-Dual cooling media outlet temperatures;

-C-channel base , SS panels option;

-Option for power supply, refrigerant;

-Non standard construction available(Built in Water Pump set, Water Tank, etc);

-Explosive Proof, Mobile Type Optional; 

-Built-in option items;

Water Chiller/Industrial Water Chiller/Air Cooled Industrial Water Chiller

1. This one of our standard chiller unit ,our factory accept produce non-standard unit according to your specification(ambient temperature, power supply, refrigerant, etc.)

2. Rated Cooling Capacity Base : Chilled Water In/outlet 12°C/7°C(Industrial for 17°C /12°C ), Cooling Water In/ outlet 30°C/35°C,

fouling factor: 0.088m2 * °C/kw;

3. Chilled Water Range : 5~20°C ; (Large Temperature Difference Duty Acceptable);

4. Cooling Water Range: 15--40°C;

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