Low Ambient Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

H.Stars low ambient temperature air source heat pump can be divided to scroll and screw type of heat pumps ,which is flexible for different applications of cooling and heating at very low ambient temperature -25 ~ -35℃ to produce 50℃ hot water.
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Low Ambient Temperature Air Source Heat Pump

The standard "low ambient temperature" air source heat pump adopts specialized compressors, which can be divided into two categories: scroll and screw type. It adopts modular control to give options of single control or multiple modules control. It is flexible for different applications of cooling and heating at very low ambient temperature -25 ~ -35℃ to produce 50℃ hot water, available hot water temperature range : 35- 50℃ heating and cooling function. The low ambient temperature air source heat pump, adopts two-stage compression technology, specially launched by H.Stars Group for central heating in cold region. It can be widely used in residential areas and commercial buildings with heating area of 2000-10000 ㎡ , especially suitable for replacement of buyer in the old cities. The COP is high, produce 60 ℃ hot water during -35 ℃ ambient temperature, and 70 ℃ hot water when obtained at -25 ℃ ambient temperature, which is the perfect solution for boiler replacement.

low ambient heat pump

Product features and functions:
1) Designed for extremely cold regions
Stable operation at -35°C ambient temperature; Two-stage compression average efficiency can reach level 1 of national standard.

2) Screw Type Two-stage Compressor
Two-stage compression, with strong inter-stage gas supplement, the comprehensive energy efficiency of the whole heating season in the extremely cold region is 2.8,energy saving. With low temperature and strong heat technology, the heating capacity is reduced with the 
decrease of ambient temperature at -35 °C ~ 43 °C.

3) Multiple Four-Way Valve Combination Design
Improve the traditional design, during the defrosting process, the unit can continue to work without shutdown, greatly improve the actual operating efficiency.

heat pump low ambient temperature

4) Outlet Water Temperature Range
Highest outlet water temperature up to 85 ℃ , Suitable for renovation project for boiler and radiator, and other special project .

5) Split Type Design (Optional)
Mainframe is separated from the fin heat exchanger to meet the special requirements of environment

6) Cloud Service (Optional)
Online real-time monitor to check operation data at anytime and anywhere.

HFC-134a, Green to the environment HFC-134a refrigerant, DPO is 0, no damage to ozone layer and meets the LEED green building standard.

Main components:

Double Stage Compressor:

1.It has the advantages of small sizes of installation area and simple control. It also has the advantages of high efficiency and high reliability compared with single compressor.

2.Patent design of high-pressure unloading slider: High-pressure automatic unloading VI block structure. Pure mechanical structure design, no additionally parts such as solenoid valves, simple and low start power.

3.Excellent motor cooling design ensures high efficiency of the compressor, so that the compressor can operate in a very wide range and is more adaptable.

4.Built-in economizer filter, check valve, shut-off valve, to achieve reliable protection of the compressor and simplify user system configuration.

Enhanced Vapor Injection Compressor:

Designed for all-season heating purpose, from -30 ℃ to 43℃. Innovative “scroll heating” technology is adopted to heating in cold winter with hot water temperature up to 60℃ . It increases the heating capacity by 40% compared with traditional heat pump technology.

 low temperature air source heat pump

Low Ambient Temperature Heat Pump Compressor:
1. Designed for cold areas, the cooling and heating dual function compressor has a minimum suction saturation temperature is -40℃ and a maximum suction saturation temperature is 15℃ . 

2. Large heating capacity, suitable for central cooling and heating projects, reduce the initial investment and minimize the installation space. 

3. With high efficiency oil separator to reduce the oil concentration of the system to increase the efficiency. 

4. Double electronic expansion valve is adopted to control the unit body temperature to ensure the safety and the efficiency, low-temperature heating efficiency of is higher than the small compressor unit. 

5. No need external oil cooling device, system is simple and reliable.

ultra low ambient cooling

Network of multiple units (module systems)

commercial air source heat pump

With phase sequence protector to better protect the unit. Save cost and high integration of external phase sequence protector. High reliability and saving after-sales cost. The simulation accurately detects the running current and voltage of the compressor to protect the compressor in time, improve the service life of the compressor and reduce the after-sales service cost. Standard MODBUS interface, zero cost access to building management control system to meet engineering requirements. An innovative device Heating capacity curve

Air Source Heat Pump

Variable power curve

Air Source Heat Pump

Outside drawing

Air Source Heat Pump

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