Air source packaged heat pump unit

The air source packaged heat pump unit is designed as an integrated water tank with water pump, which is specially designed to provide cold and heat sources for large-scale space air conditioner. It can make heat in winter and cool in summer. The unique integrated design avoids the trouble of installing water tank and water pump when the unit arrives at the installation project site. It only needs to connect water pipe and power supply to operate.

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Main features of H.Stars air source heat pump unit:

1) Modular design, automatic load regulation, high efficiency under partial load.

2) Designed for engineers at site with simple installation and time-saving. Its first option to replace the electric heater to save energy.its very suitable for Automobile factory production line to replace the traditional electric heater to save electric cost.

,its modular design when the unit arrived the project site just need to connect the water & electric then can running to provide the hot water and Chilled water.


3)Adopts microcomputer control to highly integrate through a centralized management system. Optional equipped with a remote management program to monitor sending feedback of system operation information to achieve remote control



4)H.Stars customizes the hot water heat pump unit based on various industries and projects and tailor-make integrated all in one industrial chiller to different clients.

5)The heat pump has designed with 7 safety protection to ensure the unit running normally. Available in single and dual circuit designs to meet different customer requests. In case one of the compressors in dual compressor system fails, the other compressor can still be running ,to minimize the whole system shutdown risk from losses. Each equipment will be 100% tested by safety inspection system before shipping to ensure the chiller Performance in accordance with national standards.



1)Business & hospital Industry
The heat pump unit can provide Chilled water for air condition make cooling in winter & make heating in winter,COP up to 3.0, H.Stars integrated heat pump unit can provide hot water from 45~60℃ hot water to Automobile factory production line to replace electric heater to save energy,at the same time can provide chilled water from 5~20℃ for air condition.


2)Food & Drink Processing Industry
The temperature of processed food and drink Must be sterilized by high temperature. H.Stars heat pump can It can provide hot water to kill a large number of bacteria.


3)Chemical industry
Widely used in many chmical industry like The pharmaceutical industry, it can provide hot water to replace the AHU heater to save energy,it also working for workshop, restaurants, villas and other application ect.,

air source heat pump system

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