Low Noise Air Cooler/Cooling Fan for Cold Storage Room Food Processing Factory Use

The STE series of chillers are manufactured in European standard design and US equipment. They are equipped with high-efficiency heat exchangers and German Xerox 100-way rotor fans to ensure product quality and extend service life to ensure the safety of cold storage. The products are divided into three types: high temperature type, medium temperature type and low temperature type.
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Cooling fan parameters
Refrigeration range: 25kw ~ 103kw

Air volume range: 629m3/h ~ 52483m3/h

Applications: Food processing, refrigeration and industrial and commercial cooling systems for a variety of special low temperature requirements.

Industrial Air Cooler

Cooling fan features
1. High-efficiency heat exchange copper tube: The inner wall of the copper tube is an internally threaded tube, which increases the heat transfer area of the inner wall of the pipeline and enhances the refrigerant flow disturbance.

2. High-efficiency fan: Select Xerox's outer rotor low-energy fan motor to ensure normal operation under humid and low temperature conditions and low noise.

3. Uniform liquid separation head: The venturi liquid separation head ensures uniform mixing and liquid separation of the two-phase refrigerant.

4. Oil return plate: It is beneficial to return the oil in the evaporator pipe back to the compressor to avoid oil collection in the evaporator return pipe and affect performance.

5. Defrost: Optional electric defrost, water cream, natural defrost, hot fluoride defrost.

6. Large-area distance: The low-temperature 8. 5mm chip spacing design fully guarantees the good performance of the heat exchanger in the 8-hour defrost cycle under typical humidity conditions.

7. Anti-corrosion: It is coated with high-quality galvanized steel powder.

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