Modular Chiller with AHU

Customized chiller with water pump and AHU. It can supply clean cooled air to the designated area directly. Using chilled water system, temperature can be controlled preciously and stable. Unit is easy to install and save installation spaces, integrated design makes unit very convenient and save engineering works.
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Customized Water Chiller with AHU

Modular Chiller with AHU is suitable for commercial and industrial large open space, production line, mine, metro, train station, factory workshop and shopping mall.

Modular Chiller with AHU

AHU Details
1. Air handling capacity scope: 5000 m3/h ---50000m3/h Cooling capacity scope: 25kw---600kw, 
2. Good looking and clean surface, light weight, excellent heat and low noise, high strength.
3. Double 25mm and 50mm Skin Panel, outer plate is made of high quality steel sheet, while inner plate is made of zinc coated steel sheet. In the middle is high pressure foamed hard polyurethane as insulation
4. Fans and motors are from leading manufacturer.
1. Using advance software selection to have coil performance.
2. Filter sections of Aluminum pre-filter, medium filter, bag type filter HC filter are available upon application requirement.
3. No ductwork, save installation cost and time.

Integrated Chiller with Pump and AHU

Famous Brand Fan and Motor
1. Fan selection based on the air flow and air static requirement is done by fan selection software
2. Direct driven/ belt driven, forward curve/ backward curve centrifugal fans, and EC fan is available for option
3. Nicotra, Kruger, Deton, Yilida is offered as option
4. Motor is TEFC type, class F insulation and IP54 or IP55 protection, energy saving and stable operation
5. Mounted on an adjustable slide for belt tension adjustment
6. Variable frequency drive (VFD) motor is available
7. Siemens, ABB, WEG, TECO is offered as option

Chiller Specification:
1. Self-produce main components of the unit with independent intellectual property rights, the system is perfectly match, the energy efficiency can reach 3.0.
2. 7 safety protection devices are installed. ensure the unit operation.
3. Independent refrigerant circuits can be designed to satisfy customer need. When one of the compressor fail in multi-circuits unit, other compressor can operate normally, reduce the impact to the customer.
4.Adopted microcomputer control system, it can control by centralized management system.
5. Refrigerant and compressor lubrication oil are charged before delivery, unit only need to connect inlet/outlet water and electricity in site before start-up.
6. Depend on the machine room size, knock down type is available.
8. Difference power supply such as 460V-3p-60hz available. Non-standard configuration including anti-corrosion, brine and high voltage etc.

Customized Water Chiller with AHUCustomized Water Chiller with AHU

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