China good brand water cooled screw chiller

Water-cooled screw type chiller adopts high efficient twin screw compressors system, assembled with self-made high efficient condenser and evaporator , equipped with famous brand expansion valve. Application: all kinds of large and medium-sized industrial and commercial application. Cooling capacity: 70KW-5000KW

A variety of refrigerant selection, R407c, R134a and other refrigerant are available. Outlet temperature range of chilled water is from 5 to 20℃ . 380V-3N-50/60Hz, 480V-3N-60Hz and other power supply systems available. Chillers modular control is also available.

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Product Detail

China good brand water cooled screw chiller

Product Description:

Energy- efficient: 
With the self-produce major components and independent intellectual property rights, china water cooled screw chiller system is perfectly matched to enable COP up to 6.0. Optional H.Stars patented heat recovery unit , 30% to 100% of heat capacity can be recovered while chiller applicable for air-conditioning system. The highest temperature of hot water can up to 70℃ . Heat recovery unit does not consume any energy, and the unit efficiency can be increased by 5%

Intelligent Control: 
Adopts microcomputer control to highly integrate through a centralized management system. Optional equipped with a remote management program to back the system operation information to achieve remote control service. 1000 ton screw chiller control screen directly displays the fault content to facilitate users troubleshooting.

Operation Reliable:
China cooled water chiller has designed with 7 safety protection to ensure the chiller running normally. Available in single and dual circuit designs to meet different customer requirement. In case one of the compressors in dual compressor system fails, the other compressor can still be running , to minimize the risk of the whole system shutdown. All chiller will be 100% tested before shipping to ensure the quality of each equipment qualified. 

Easy to install and maintain:
100 ton screw chiller is filled with refrigerant and compressor oil during production, the customer only needs to connect the inlet & outlet pipes and the power supply to operate the unit.

Srew Type Compressor: (Hanbell Brand)
Compressor adopt cast iron shell and forged steel rotor. It ensures a small space between two screws but without surface contact.The rotor support ensure accurate positioning while the rotor at various pressure ratios, reduce wear, prevent leakage, and extend life time. China good chiller brand compressor is designed with full wear resistance bearing, reduce energy consumption and improve reliability. Compressor motor adopts silicon steel core, motor cooling by-pass, refrigerant diversion design, which ensures the motor works at high efficiency and stable in the long term under bad working conditions.


Water Cooled Screw Chiller Standard Configuration Chart

Water Cooled Screw Chiller Standard Configuration Chart

Product show( Installation Pictures):

china water cooled screw chiller

1000 ton screw chiller

Our Services:
1. After sale service: All of our machine provide long time after-sale service .
2. We accept OEM orders, processing according to buyer’s samples or drawing
3. On-time shipment
4. Product quality protection   
5. Payment protection.
Application field:Industrial and commercial field 

Packaging & Shipping:

china cooled water chiller Packaging & Shipping

A. Technical Support
1. We'll help you select the most suitable models after accurate calculation. 
2. We can design and develop new products based on your requirement.
3. We'll provide you professional technical support on refrigeration & electronic to help you solve installation, debugging & operational problems. 
4. Spare parts and technical support will be provided within & after the warranty period.
5. We'll arrange free training courses to your team at our factory if needed.
B. After-sales Service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance. 
2. 12 months’ warranty,
3. Reasonable prices for purchased spare parts.
4. Update you our latest products information & price policy every year. 

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