Modular Type Central Air Conditioning Low Noise Rooftop Air Cooled Chiller Unit A/C for Hotel/Hospital Use

H.stars modular type air-cooled chiller unit adopts the advanced 5:6 high-efficiency screw compressor as the cooling "heart" with self-made condenser and evaporator of high quality, equipped with well-known brand electric control components. It is suitable for all kinds of places for cooling and heating supply.
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Refrigeration Range
25kw ~ 118.7kw
Chilled Water Temperature Adjustment 
Application Areas  All industrial and commercial sites for cooling and heating needs.


1. The unit adopts high-efficiency evaporator, which reduces energy consumption by 15%-25% compared with similar dry products, and the energy efficiency of the whole machine reaches 2-1;

2. The unit is equipped with a stellar patented heat recovery unit, and the recoverable heat is 30% of the cooling capacity;

3. The unit has 8 kinds of safety protection measures to ensure the normal operation of the unit;

4. The unit can be controlled by single chip or PLC to meet different needs of customers;

5. The unit can provide R134a, R22 and other refrigerants according to customer needs.

Packaging & Shipping


 (L) * (W) * (D)


According to orders

Packing detail

1,Wooden pallet base 
2,With transparent package film well protect machine 
3,For side go with buffer panel well protect machine during shipping period

Applied industry 


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If you have any problem when using the website or our products, please write down your comments or suggestions, we will answer your questions as soon as possible!Thank you for your attention!