R1234ze high temperature industrial heat pump customization

H.Stars r1234ze heat pump high temperature heat pumps is an equipment that transfers low-grade heat energy to high grade heat energy. It replaces the boiler and become a more energy-saving and environment-friendly high temperature industrial heat pumps.
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R1234ze high temperature industrial heat pump customization

The increasing concerns about climate change have produced a series of environmental regulations reflecting on the HVAC industry. The R1234ze refrigerant is a HFO refrigerant with a very low GWP (7). For this reason it is one of the most relevant options to ensure low impact on the environment and compliance with regulation. H.Stars ,a 30 years industrial heat pump manufacturers,has developed a new series of low gwp high temperature heat pumps such as r1234ze heat pump

r1234ze heat pump

Near zero GWP (<1) refrigerant R1234ze
Heat pump R1234ze capacity: 385-1550 kW

Maximum condenser temperature 95°C with R1234ze

Correction coefficient for heating capacity of 90°C outlet water source

Air source power correction factor

It can be installed and used for below industries and applications.

Customized heat pumps used for industries and applications

Low-grade heat energy is obtained from air or geothermal hot water, and with the electricity supply to transfer into high grade heat energy which can be supplied to end users with above 50°C of hot water. It is suitable for indoor swimming pools, hotels, villas,Sauna, factories and farms and all other places that need hot water. In the process of heating, H.Stars patented technology of cold recovery unit is available to supply cold water for cooling required places. As one of the top 10 heat pump factory in Guangzhou, China,H.Stars has customized heat pumps for clients from over 53 countries worldwide.

Compatible with all Buildings
Management Systems and plant controls
• Communication interfaces
• BACnet™ IP
• ModBus™ RTU

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high temperature industrial heat pumps Specifications

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