Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Condenser with Reservoir

UAR High efficiency shell and tube condenser reservoir with high heat transfer efficiency.

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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Condenser with Reservoir


1. UAR High efficiency condenser with 10% refrigerant reservoir.

2.  Internal & external enhanced groove, ensure high heat transfer efficiency;

3. Refrigerant can be stored in the condenser. Maximum volume can be 10%.

3.  Al-brass and Ni/Cu tubes are available for seawater application;

4.  Cooling capacity from 2.5TR to 1,000TR;

5.  Several refrigerating circuits are available;

6. Specification and performance can be customized as per requirements.

7.  Refrigerant circulation will be smooth when heat transfer volume has changed.

shell and tube condenser


Condenser with reservoir can be used in high efficiency type chiller. Energy saving design is popular in commercial and industrial chillers. 

shell and tube condensers

parameter of condensor

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