R1234ze shell and tube heat exchanger evaporator condenser

R1234ze shell and tube evaporator and condenser has been developed by UAR recently, which has helped chiller maker factory to increase the efficiency and calculate the accurate heat transfer.
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R1234ze shell and tube heat exchanger evaporator condenser

R1234ze is a refrigerant introduced by Honeywell and DuPont. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, with an ODP value of 0, a GWP value of 6, and an atmospheric residence time of 11 days. It has stable chemical properties and is superior to existing environmental protection laws and regulations. Set goals. It can reduce 99.6% of carbon dioxide emissions and reduce energy consumption by 27%. In the medium temperature refrigeration system, it has higher energy efficiency than R134a. It can be used in water-cooled units, vending machines, heat pumps, CO2 cascade systems, clothes dryers, etc.

r1234 evaporator

As the country's requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction become higher and higher, R1234ze refrigerant will gradually replace R134a on high-temperature heat pump units. United can provide you with high-quality and efficient R1234ze high-temperature heat pump condensers.

r1234ze condenser

Heat exchanger is a key component of the air conditioning unit. As the only part of the unit that is in contact with outside air, heat exchange tubes are closely related to the service life of the unit and a major determinant the unit's performance and quality The thickness and material of heat exchange tubes are of critical importance, and customers may choose the right kind of tube according to air and water quality of the site of use.

shell and tube heat exchanger r1234

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