Square Type Cross Flow Cooling Tower and Round Counter Flow Cooling Tower

HK Series Square Type Cross flow  chiller cooling tower uses steel frame structure, which enables flexible choice and assembly of a single unit or a combination of multiple units according to the site conditions and client requirements.

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Square Type Cross Flow Cooling Tower and Round Counter Flow Cooling Tower

All indicators of H.Stars HK series meet national standards. They can reduce energy consumption of the supporting units and ensure efficient operation of the whole system. With improved overall design of the cooling system, air duct, water collection device, and water distribution system, products of the series are characterized with stable structure, high heat exchange efficiency, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving, easy maintenance, and long comprehensive service life.

HK series cooling towers are suitable for applications where circulating water is used for heat dissipation, including for the natural cooling of air conditioning, refrigeration or heat storage systems, and for the cooling of water in the condensers of such systems; cooling tower chiller can be used to cool the water in water jacket of engine or air compressor, and are also widely used in industrial and manufacturing processes to dissipate waste heat. In addition to the HK series, H.Stars also supplies various types of cooling tower, with a wide range of more comprehensive designs and installation capacities to meet the special needs of customers’ particular equipment and cooling tower chiller AHU diagram.

Please contact us for more detailed informaion of our company's products and services or get our latest publications .The products are in continuous update; please refer to project design plans for specific technical data.

China rooftop cooling tower

Square Type Counterflow (Series)

Anti-corrosion Protective System

China rooftop cooling tower steel cooling tower has Z720 galvanized steel structure case as its standard option, while zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy coated steel, or 304/316 stainless steel are also available. With the strongest corrosion resistance, Z720 galvanized steel has a service life 6-8 times more than ordinary galvanized sheets; it can maintain its original appearance in severe conditions; it has heat resistance that is about 3 times that of ordinary steel sheets and strong heat resistance; and it has the unique character of self-healing coating at cut surface for anti-corrosion. Processed with precision machining equipment, the structure case has improved wear resistance and scratch resistance under humid and hot conditions, good appearance, and long service life.

H.Stars standard parts: stainless steel filter, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the air inlet grille and corrosion-resistant PVC water distribution system.

Water distribution system: made of corrosion-resistant PVC and use innovative HM-P reflective nozzle. The nozzle has large aperture to prevent clogging; and its thread ensure accurate positioning, easy disassembly and easy cleaning. In addition, there is pipe cap at the end of the branch pipe, which facilitates removal of dirt. The spray pressure at the inlet pipe of all HD cooling towers is between 7 and 42, and each unit has its precise spray pressure listed on the drawing.

These standard parts provide extremely effective corrosion protection.

All-steel Casing Panel and Water Distribution Pan Made with Digital Laser Equipment Chiller AHU cooling tower casing panel and water distribution pan are made of Z720 galvanized steel (zinc-aluminum-magnesium alloy coated steel, or 304/316 stainless steel plate are optional) , which has various advantages, including uniform curing, high density, stable quality, UR resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance, thermal stability, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance.

High-efficiency air inlet grille and its dual-channel design

The air channel of inlet grille, after optimization based on fluid dynamics calculations, as well as tests conducted by H.Stars R&D Center, can maintain high fluid dynamics and thermodynamic effects even when the axial fan is turned off, and keep superb fluid dynamics and thermodynamic efficiency when the ventilator is off. Its honeycomb design can effectively prevent debris from entering the water system, blocking the noise caused by falling water spreading outwards, and prevent direct exposure of cooling water to the sun, inhibit the growth of algae bacteria and avoid the appearance of legionellae. Made of high-quality modified PVC with thermal vacuum forming technology, this device is resistant to ultraviolet and chemicals.

The combination of "blocking water falling noise", "preventing splashing water," "easy access to water tank," and "reducing algae production," works together to reduce maintenance costs for end users.The heat exchange system consists of heat exchange fills, water distribution system, and multi-stage nozzle. The hot water enters the cooling tower through the upper water pipes; the PVC pipe water distribution system ensures that the hot water is evenly distributed along the plane of the tower; and then the hot water is sprayed evenly onto the surface of the fills through the nozzle; the whole process is highly efficient and energy saving. The airflow enters the tower from the lower side of the tower, and then passes vertically upwards through the fills, while the hot water flows down in the fills by the force of gravity; so the two move in opposite directions in the tower. The process to cool down the water mainly happens in the heat exchange fills, where the heat exchange and mass exchange take place between water and air.

H.Stars internal rotating spraying multi-stage square nozzle adopts internal rotating, which is one of the important factors to improve the uniformity of water distribution of the square counterflow tower. It helps to achieve continuous and uniform water distribution. There is no blind spot for water distribution.

H.Stars trapezoidal-wave shaped film heat exchange fills is made of high-quality modified PVC sheet with blister technology; its protruding fine corrugations increase water contact surface, good hydrophilicity and good heat exchange performance. The fills, arranged in a staggered way, splash the water to be cooled into water droplets that forms a water film, which increases the area and time of the contact between water and air, and hence increased heat exchange intensity between water and air. Effectively improve the heat exchange efficiency. The fills are placed in layers, so that there is a redistribution process of hot water between each layers.

The PVC three-dimensional arc water collector is placed on the top of the cooling tower, which has high water collection efficiency, and small air flow resistance. It minimizes the water usage.

If the hot water temperature exceeds 55°C, the HD-R/G high-temperature series must be selected. HD-R/G uses PP high-temperature water distributions pipes and heat exchange fills, which can withstand temperature up to 95°C.

Cooling Fan Drive System
★The cooling fan drive system consists of aerofoil blade axial flow fan, special motor for cooling tower, reducer, and driving belt.
★Double-layer airfoil cooling tower fan, with propeller-type wide blades, and galvanized steel hub. Adjustable angle of each blade ensures satisfaction of different requirements of customers in terms of air volume and other technological aspects. The fan is characterized with large air volume, low energy consumption, low vibration, and uniform outlet wind speed. The cooling tower fan has undergone balance test, pay attention during installation to the consistency between the part numbers of the fan blade and the hub;
★Totally enclosed self-cooling motor: waterproof shaft rubber ring seal specially designed for hot and humid environment, and vertically downward installation of motor shaft protect the motor from being soaked.
★Hot-dip galvanized steel motor frame: advanced design concept with single positioning on the tower body's steel structure ensures good stability.
★Unique inverted reducer: the waterproof oil seals on both upper and lower ends protects bearings from corrosion of water vapor. Every reducer has undergone strict balance check before leaving the factory to ensure smooth operation.
★High-efficiency and strong V-belt is used, which, being made of polymer
thermoplastic elastic material, is characterized with resistance to abrasion, oil, water, aging, chemicals, and stretching, good flexural endurance, and high transmission power.

chiller AHU cooling tower

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