What is the future of HVAC market in the next half year of 2021 2021-10-09

In 2021, central air conditioning will have greater breakthroughs in industries like: data centers, rail transit, medical industries and industrial manufacturing.

2020 is a special year of ups and downs.  After a hard year, with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the social order has gradually entered the right track. There are also small and medium-sized projects and in addition to the relatively large impact of the light commercial market, the construction process of large-scale projects has obviously recovered faster, coupled with the country’s "new infrastructure" and other favorable policies to stimulate the application market one by one. It has also brought significant changes to the central air conditioning segment application market. In air-conditioning of the huge application market, this year's data center, rail transit, medical industry and industrial manufacturing deserve our focus.

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Data center:
Judging from the market launch plans of well-known companies, Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud alone intend to invest more than 400 billion in the construction of data centers in the next three years. News such as China Mobile's development of 5G data centers across the country are stimulating the industry to flourish Development. At the same time, the industry's power consumption has also attracted attention. Intelligent operation and green efficiency will become the mainstream trend of this industry.

Data center

Urban rail transit, as a key development project in my country, has gained significant growth vitality. Local governments continue to renew and improve infrastructure to further reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. The next ten years will still be the peak period for my country's urban rail transit investment and construction. The development of air-conditioning manufacturers is of great benefit.

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Medical industry
In the past year, the medical industry has developed rapidly. It includes unconventional measures that have been explored due to the spread of the epidemic, as well as planned expansion and new projects. HVAC equipment is a must for high-efficiency and energy-saving hospitals and optimizing the respiratory environment. Factors have become the focus of the game for the main players in the market. Similarly, the air-conditioning cold and heat source system accounts for more than half of the total energy consumption in the entire medical air-conditioning system.

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Industrial manufacturing
In 2020, the national industrial added value above designated size will grow by 6.9% year-on-year. In three categories, the mining industry will grow by 3.5%, the manufacturing industry will grow by 7.5%, and the production of electricity, heat, gas and water will increase by 4%. China is in the industry during the special period of the transformation of a large country into an industrial power, high energy consumption has always been the obstacle to the transformation, and the central air conditioner, as a large energy consumer, occupies a large proportion of the total energy consumption of the factory. Therefore, the green and efficient central air conditioning configuration plan has become an important index for enterprises to win the strategic high ground in the industrial manufacturing application market.

Medical industry hvac

From the perspective of overall market development, the demand for green health and high efficiency and energy saving will be more and more important. The specific, professional, and customized products for specific application scenarios will become the development trend of the future market. H.STARS Group with 30 years of professional HVAC equipment production of heating and cooling equipment, customization energy saving products shall be provided for you according to your needs.

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