55℃ Sewage Source Heat Pump Unit

H'Stars Sewage source heat pump unit(with cold/heat recovery) is a hot water equipment developed and produced for Bathhouse, Hot spring pool, Swimming pool and other bathing places, extracting the heat from domestic sewage, saving energy and protecting the environment.Energy saving is 30%~50% compared with conventional heating method, which can greatly reduce the operation cost.
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55℃ Sewage Source Heat Pump Unit

sewage source heat pump unit

bath house heat pump unit


Bathhouse, Hot spring pool, Swimming pool and other bathing places.

In this area of clean renewable energy utilization, sewage source heat pump technology is a model for energy saving and emission reduction. In line with China's current energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection, sustainable development energy policy, the technology successfully converts the waste heat in urban sewage through heat pump technology to provide users with heating and cooling and supply domestic hot water.

At present, sewage source heat pump technology is widely used in bathing, resort spa pools, swimming pools, with the successful implementation of many projects, fully proves the flash of the original sewage source heat pump technology. The energy saving rate of the technology has reached 30%~50%, realizing energy saving and environmental protection, and not discharging any waste gas, waste and waste residue into the atmosphere, and the investment cost and operating cost of the technology are significantly lower than the traditional way. If we vigorously develop hundreds of millions of tons of coal per year, we can truly achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

55℃ heating system

heating system

Sewage source flow characteristics: 

Large and stable sewage source temperature characteristics - 

Winter warm summer cool winter, even in severe cold areas, sewage temperature is above 10-18 °C, is a rich heat source; summer sewage temperature 20-28℃, it is the ideal discharge for waste heat.

In comparison with the traditional investment in heating, cooling and soil source heat pumps, the initial investment in sewage source heat pumps is low and the economic benefits are significant. It recycles the heat from the city's raw sewage, develops a clean energy source, reduces urban waste heat emissions, and protects the environment.

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