85℃ High Temperature Hot Water Chiller Unit

H'Stars 85℃ high temperature hot water unit is a high-efficiency hot water unit developed and manufactured by H'Stars. The temperature of the inlet and outlet water of the low temperature heat source is 5-20℃, and the application range is wide. The high temperature side outlet water temperature is between 65-85℃. Adopt green environmental protection refrigerant HFC-134a.
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85℃ High Temperature Hot Water Chiller Unit

hot water chiller unit

Temperature: 65-85℃

Scope of application:

hot water demand occasions such as food industry, manufacturing industry, and living heating

High temperature hot water unit features:

1. The unit adopts single-machine two-stage compression technology with high degree of integration and high pressure resistance of the casing design.

2. The compressor discharge temperature is relatively low, the high and low pressure ratio is reasonable, suitable for long-term safe and stable operation under large pressure ratio working conditions, and the unit life is guaranteed.

3. Recovery oil cooling load, improve heating efficiency, operating in design conditions, unit efficiency up to 2.6.

4. Low temperature heat source side inlet and outlet water temperature 5-20 ° C, a wide range of applications, high temperature side outlet water temperature between 65-85 ° C.

5. Adopting green environmental protection refrigerant HFC-134a, it has good environmental protection effect and economic effect, avoiding the pollution of the waste gas residue of coal-fired boiler to the surrounding environment, eliminating the transportation cost of coal burning, the cost of coal storage site, and the dust removal cost. Transportation costs of ash and slag.

6. Unit communication uses Modbus's two-way data exchange, which can be easily and conveniently connected to the customer's selected automatic control system.

7. The unit adopts green environmental protection refrigerant HFC-134a, the working pressure is positive pressure, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, no damage to the ozone layer, and safe operation.

Unit configuration:
Compressor: Hanzhong Seiki single-stage two-stage screw compressor

Evaporator: self-produced high efficiency evaporator

Condenser: self-produced high efficiency condenser

Controller: Siemens PLC programmable controller

Economizer: self-produced high efficiency evaporator

Oil cooler: self-produced high efficiency condenser

Throttle device: electronic expansion valve

Startup mode: direct start 

Power supply system: 380V-50Hz-3N

Insulation material: anti-corrosion, waterproof, mesh insulation

Paint: high-strength matt paint

Nozzle connection: flange

Application range:
Food industry: used as steam boiler for meat market processing and hair removal; dairy line low temperature sterilization; food tobacco leaf drying.

Manufacturing: cleaning of mechanical parts, decontamination hot water; glue coating in textile dyeing and finishing industry, dyeing and finishing type washing; chemical plating.

Living heating: heating in winter, meeting the heating and hot water needs of radiators.

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