H.Stars Customized High Temperature Heat Pump

H.Stars 40STE series screw type High Temperature Heat Pump adopts high efficiency dual screw compressors as screw heat pump, equipped with self-made high-efficiency shell and tube heat exchangers and fin type heat exchangers.
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H.Stars Customized High Temperature Heat Pump

Hot water unit is a device that transfers low-grade heat energy to high grade heat energy. It replaces the boiler and become a more energy-saving and environment-friendly hot water supply device , and it is also a new energy technology that attracts much attention all over the world. Low-grade heat energy is obtained from air or geothermal hot water, and with the electricity supply to transfer into high grade heat energy which can be supplied to end users with above 50°C of hot water. It is suitable for indoor swimming pools, hotels, villas, Sauna, factories and farms and all other places that need hot water. In the process of heating ,H.Stars patented technology of cold recovery unit is available to supply cold water for cooling required places. H.Stars can provide customized heat pump to provide Energy-saving and environment-friendly heating equipment for all clients for industrial heat pump purpose use.

Intelligent Control
Automatic microcomputer control, no need for manual monitoring. The chiller can be control/centralized monitor to save management costs. Available to connect to the user's 
central control system to monitor operation of the chiller at any time.

Reliable Operation
The chiller has been strictly tested and is suitable to be used in subtropical climate environment. It’s equipped with multiple protection systems ,such as high and low voltage protection , overload protection, etc., to ensure the chiller operation safety. 

Low-sound level Design (For special use)
The chiller adopting low-sound fan and the compressor is equipped with a special protective cover. The whole unit is made into a box structure , which can further reduce the sound from the chiller and satisfy client’s low sound level requirement. 

Cold Recovery Unit
Optional cold recovery unit can be designed into the system according to project requirement. In the process of providing hot water, cold recovery unit will recover the cold water and supply to the users with zero cost.

Operating Ambient Temperature Range
Ambient Temperature Range(Cooling): 20 °C ~ 43°C 
Ambient Temperature Range(Heating ): -10°C ~ 43°C

Outlet Water Temperature Adjustment Range
Hot water temperature adjustment range: 45 °C~ 55°C 
Chilled water temperature adjustment range: 5 °C~ 20°C 
Air conditioning hot water temperature adjustment range: 45°C ~ 50°C

Green to Environment
The operating principle of the chiller is a mechanical device that applies human technology to convert low-grade energy into high-grade energy to achieve cooling/heating effect. There is no harm to the environment, eco-friendly heat pump.

Intelligent Defrost
The chiller adopts four-way reversing valve to defrost. The microcomputer controllers automatically enable defrost function according to the setting conditions. Manual defrost also available for setting according to the actual situation.

Characteristics and Functions
Adopts high-integration single-chip microcomputer greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the system. The HMI directly displays the fault content to cooperate with the simple operation interface to timely feedback various maintenance information. The control system can be connected to the user's central control system (BMS) to monitor the chiller running situation freely. Protection control on the external power supply system with over-voltage, under-voltage, three-phase unbalance, and lack phase protection. And the chiller has built in more than 30 protection functions to providecomprehensive protection for the safe operation of the unit. The chiller has advanced multi-anti-surge function, which combines prevention, control and alarm to guarantee the unit meet the customer's cooling capacity within the safe operation range. User connection interface is reserved to provide cloud services.

Control Center
With plastic shell and installed standard mounting. Integrated electronic expansion valve with module drive into one control system. Three-phase voltage and current are displayed timely and highly integrated with the controller. Mainboard can be networked, group control and single control 
free switching. The chiller can be connected to each other to form module ontrol, group control or single control freely switch to each control mode.

Optional Parts
VFD Heat Pump
VFD Heat Pump adopts a variable frequency driver motor to achieve variable frequency operation of the compressor. Significantly improves the energy efficiency of the chiller at partial load.

Energy Efficient
Adopt international brand variable frequency drive technology, integrated part load value(IPLV) up to 10。
Small starting current
VFD water chillers include soft starting to reduce starting current; 
The VFD has its own DC reactor to minimize harmonic interference; 
Optional low-harmonic filter. VFD input power meets the IEEE-519 specification for harmonic distortion with harmonic filter over-temperature protection and capacitance switching.

Precise temperature control
The water temperature control within±0.3°C to maintain a high-precision temperature control standard.
The unit can reach a higher value at both full load coefficient of performance (COP) and integrated part load value (IPLV).

Stable and Reliable
The VFD heat pump unit adopts the motor speed controller to control the output load to achieve true stepless control to improve compressor reliability. Independent cooling VFD fan tunnel, itruns at low temperature, and operates stable.

Cloud service (remote monitoring)
Central A/C cloud service system

 High Temperature Heat Pump Central A/C cloud service system

Cloud service value: 
Remote control adjustment 
Remote monitoring 
Remote upgrade 
Fault warning 
Remote diagnosis 
Product distribution management 
Historical data analysis
Optional (Continued) / Wiring diagram
Cooling and Heating Unit (three functions at same time)
One machine, three functions. Microcomputer control, automatic switching between 
heating and cooling conditions. Increase modular design and reduce initial investment 
and equipment maintenance costs. Compact structure and easy installation. 
Energy-saving, high-efficiency, cooling condition COP upto 5.0. Free hot water supplied while cooling.

Application range and value
The unit has three working conditions: cooling, heating and free hot water supplying. The hot water can be obtained at the same time while cooling or heating, or it can be cooling or heating independently. When the cooling and heating are not needed in spring and autumn, the unit can separately provide hot water. Thethree operating conditions are fully automatic switched 
according to the ambient temperature and hot water demand. The unit is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and efficient, and has no pollution. It is suitable for hotels, villas, hospitals, commercial and residential communities, large and medium-sized offices and other places. 

Industrial heat pump variable working condition curve

Customized heat pump technical parameters

Product show:

R1234ze heat pump

Industrial heat pump

Our Services:
1. After sale service: All of our machine provide long time after-sale service .
2. We accept OEM orders, processing according to buyer’s samples or drawing
3. On-time shipment
4. Product quality protection   
5. Payment protection.

Application field:Industrial and commercial field
Company Information:

H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd. chiller factory

Company Profile 
H.Stars (Guangzhou) Refrigerating Equipment Group Ltd., established in 1992, in Economic & Technological Development Zone of Guangzhou, China , composed of 8 subsidiaries to provide one-stop solution to HVAC customers, specializing in R&D, production, design and installation. As the company grows, H.Stars group expands its business globally and has sold to 53 different countries. H.Stars Group is awarded with "New and High Technology Enterprise in Guangzhou" and has become the training base of many universities both in China and abroad via technology cooperation. 
H.Stars Group supplies an extensive line of Commercial and Industrial Energy Saving HVAC products including: Air Cooled Chiller, Water Cooled Chiller, Industrial Chiller, Centrifugal Chiller, Magnetic oil free centrifugal chiller , Multi- function Chiller, Hot Water Unit, Heat Recovery Unit, Heat Pump Unit, Condensing Unit, Glycol Chiller, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Cooling Tower, etc. all type of HVAC products. 

H.Stars Group has been dedicated in quality and innovation and is technically strong in commercial and industrial application as a HVAC manufacturer. Apart from obtaining plenty of energy-saving product patents, H.Stars Group has achieved CE certifications for Pressure Vessel and standard chillers, BR1, ASME, ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004 and other certifications. 
A good reputation of H.Stars Group has been built and delivers a full HVAC service to customers worldwide. Our products are widely applied in industries for cooling of Laser generators, Welding electrodes, Cutting machines, Electric spark machines, Extrusion process, Hydraulic System, Electroplating, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Ion Plating film, Electronic facility, Electrical appliance components, Compressed Gas Dehumidification, Dairy and Beverage Cooling processing, Pharmaceutical and Biological products, Medical equipment, Glass Coating, Tempered Glass and Cultivation Sea Food. 
H.Stars Group will continue to develop energy saving and environmental friendly equipment to create "The Efficiency Planet" as our obligation. By focusing on customers' needs and wants in order to contribute more our potentials, from now on, H.Stars Group will hand in hand with you to be a shining star in the foreseeable future.

A. Technical Support
1. We'll help you select the most suitable models after accurate calculation. 
2. We can design and develop new products based on your requirement.
3. We'll provide you professional technical support on refrigeration & electronic to help you solve installation, debugging & operational problems. 
4. Spare parts and technical support will be provided within & after the warranty period.
5. We'll arrange free training courses to your team at our factory if needed.
B. After-sales Service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance. 
2. 12 months’ warranty,
3. Reasonable prices for purchased spare parts.
4. Update you our latest products information & price policy every year. 
C. Customized service
1. We can provide you OEM/ODM service
2. We can develop new product & technology as per your requirement 

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