H.Stars Group Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are a general-purpose equipment widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, refrigeration, gas and other industries.
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H.Stars Group Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger

The U-tube heat exchanger has only one tube plate, and both ends of the tube are fixed on the same tube plate. The tube can be freely stretched and stretched without thermal stress, and the thermal compensation performance is good. The tube adopts double tube process, the flow is longer, and the flow rate is longer. High, good heat transfer performance, strong pressure bearing capacity, tube bundle can be extracted from the housing, easy to repair and clean, and the structure is simple and the cost is cheap.

Shell and Tube heat Exchanger

Performance characteristics
Simple structure, only one tube plate, less sealing surface, reliable operation and low cost
The tube bundle can be extracted and the tube (shell) can be easily cleaned.
Light weight, suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications.

Overview of H.Stars Group

Technical characteristics
Maximum working pressure allowed: tube length 8.5MPa, shell side 0.6MPa
Tube design temperature: -20 ° C
Shell design temperature: 100 ° C,
Tube process medium: natural gas, relative density: 0.6, characteristics: explosive;
Shell process medium: water

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