R134a vfd flooded type industrial water cooled chillers

H.Stars Flooded Type Water Cooled Chiller with VFD is a new product which was improved from traditional Water Cooled Chiller. Chiller adopts VFD to control the total capacity in different conditions. Using H.Stars Self-made high efficiency flooded type evaporator, chiller COP can up to 5.2 or above. It’s widely applicable to commercial site such as hotel, theatre, office building and shopping mall, and shopping mall, and it also applicable to food processing, pharmaceutical, plastic injection and other industrial application.

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R134a vfd flooded type industrial water cooled chillers

This series Chiller can produce 0℃ to (-50)℃ low temperature chilled water, also high voltage unit is available, explosion proof unit, Anti-corrosion unit and other special design is available.

flooded chiller


1.  COP 5.2 or above, with 10% to 15% lower energy consumption than dry type.

2. Special design compressor, stable performance, low noise, long life-span motor.

3.  Self-made and researched high efficiency shell and tube flooded type evaporator, compact structure, and good heat exchange performance.

4.  Famous brand electronic expansion valve.

5.  Adopt evaporator oil injector for oil return.

6.  Adopt high performance oil separator which use impact, interception to separate oil.

7.  Adopt Danfoss or ABB Variable Frequency Drive(VFD), chiller will be more efficiency in different cooling capacity condition.

8.  Option for Microcomputer or PLC, network extension is available for remote terminal control and after-sales service.

flooded type chiller

Special Design:

1. Tailor-made size design, semi-knock down type available.

2. Chiller provides R22, R407c, R134a and other environmental protection refrigerant according to customer requirements.

3.  Difference power supply such as 460V3P-60HZ available.

4. Non-standard configuration including anti-corrosion, brine and high voltage tc.

R134a Chiller

VFD Technology:

Variable Frequency Drive is to change the power supply frequency, thereby adjusting the load, reducing power consumption, reducing losses, and extending the service life of the equipment. The core of the VFD technology is the frequency converter, which realizes the automatic adjustment of the running speed of the motor through the conversion of the power supply frequency, and changes the fixed grid frequency of 50Hz to a changing frequency of 30-90Hz. In addition, it can widen the adaptable range of the power supply voltage to 142-270V, which solves the problem of affecting the operation of electric equipment due to the grid voltage instability. The technology that realizes AC control by changing the AC frequency is called VFD technology. Note: Customized products are available according to special needs.

vfd chiller

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