Chilled Water Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

UAR custom-made Shell and Tube  heat exchangers , Titanium and Stainless heat exchangers ,  extensive use, for energy conversion systems are designed for high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
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Chilled Water Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


Guangzhou United A/C&R.CO.Ltd is established in 1996.It is important part of H.Stars Group specialization in research & produce heat exchanger and pressure vessel,posses with all kind special equipment design and manufacturing,with our long history and rich experience it lays its industry leading advantage.Such as Cool Tube Heat Exchanger,Best Heat Exchanger Evaporator ,Chiller Water Heat Exchanger, Chiller Heat Exchanger System and so on.

Product Description:
Cool Tube Heat Exchanger is a heat exchange and conduction device with a wide range of uses. It is mainly composed of shell, tube sheet, tube bundle, baffle and box body.

Spray Type Falling Film Evaporator,Falling Film Evaporator with Multiple systems ,Low Temperature Shell And Tube Flooded Type Evaporator,Shell And Tube Flooded Evaporator all Best Heat Exchanger Evaporator

Spray Type Falling Film Evaporator:Liquid sprayed from above is to form a thin film on the surface of the heat exchange

Cool Tube Heat Exchanger

Falling Film Evaporator with Multiple systems:Our falling film evaporator are compact and easy to install, suitable for chillers with multiple compressor systems.

Best Heat Exchanger Evaporator

Low Temperature Shell And Tube Flooded Type Evaporator:The secondary refrigerant passes through the heat exchange tube, the refrigerant flows in the shell side and completely immerses the heat exchange tube, and evaporates outside the heat exchange tube after absorbing heat.

Chiller Water Heat Exchanger

Shell And Tube Flooded Evaporator: Cooling Capacity: 80~1500RT

Chiller Heat Exchanger

There is water inside and outside of the small heat exchange tubes of Chiller Water Heat Exchanger Since the water flow on both sides of the small pipe is close, the diameter of the housing cannot be too large.  

Chiller Heat Exchanger are usually used in hot water heating systems, low temperature water air conditioning systems and some production processes that have continuous requirements for hot water.

The tube of the Chiller Heat Exchanger System adopts double tube process, the flow is longer, and the flow rate is longer. High, good heat transfer performance, strong pressure bearing capacity.

The material of China Chiller Heat Exchanger:
1. The material of the heat exchanger tube can be steel pipe or stainless steel pipe
2. The material of the baffle can be selected from carbon steel ,high alloy and galvanized sheet
3. The cylinder body can be made of carbon steel, Low-alloy steel and high-alloy steel

1. Heat recovery and utilization to save energy.
2. Stainless steel has a long service life.
3. Low maintenance cost and easy operation.
4. Can be used in machinery, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Features & Application:
1. Simple structure, diversified heat transfer area

2. With the simple structure and the wide working range, and the heat exchange area is easy to change.

3. Has an efficient heat exchanger effect.

4. Cool Tube Heat Exchanger produced by our company undergoes a water pressure test after the product is completed to ensure that the product does not leak. 

5. Because the medium on the tube side and shell side of the water-to-water heat exchanger is water, it is easy to form scale, so pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning.

6.China Chiller Heat Exchangers are mainly widely used in modern industry and play an important role.  For example, chemical, petroleum, electricity, food and other industries. The water to water heat exchanger can be used as a heater, cooler, condenser, evaporator, etc.

Product show:

Chiller Heat Exchanger System

China Chiller Heat Exchanger

—What's the advantage of your product over the competitors?
—H.Stars factory (including China Chiller Heat Exchanger)established from 1992.We have 30 years experience in make our own products.

—Do you have after-sale service? How about the after-sale service?
—We have the after-sale service------Central A/C cloud service system

—Do you make your own products? Is there any warranty on its quality?
—We have the National 1500 TR Test Laboratory and Unit Performance and Quality Assurance.Upon request, 100% H.Stars equipment is witness tested in our factory(China water chiller system factories) .National Test Laboratory before delivery to our clients.

—What is a non-metal heat exchanger?
—Answer: Heat exchangers made of non-metallic materials such as plastics.

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