Explosion-proof HVAC Ground Source Heat Pump System Unit Installation

This explosion-proof ground source heat pump unit uses explosion-proof materials and is used in fishing boats. Features: Intelligent control, high efficiency and energy saving, stable operation
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Explosion-proof HVAC Ground Source Heat Pump System Unit Installation

For special industries with hvac heat pump explosion-proof requirements, H.Stars independently designs and produces explosion-proof heat pump system units. Specially designed products according to different explosion-proof levels, with explosion-proof technology and certificates, explosion-proof levels can reach: Ex dIIBT4. The product is customized according to customer demand, and the heating capacity range is 30 ~ 1200KW. We can also produce explosion-proof units with different voltages according to customer power requirements.

ground source heat pump                  hvac heat pump

Scope of application: special industries with explosion-proof requirements, heat pump installation


Compressor: Explosion-proof compressor

Evaporator: High-efficiency evaporator (self-produced)
Condenser: High-efficiency condenser (self-produced)
Liquid pipe: 1.2 ~ 2.0mm copper pipe
Oil separator: built-in oil content
Fan: Explosion-proof fan
Controller: Explosion-proof microcomputer controller (programmable controller / Siemens)
Electrical components: Explosion-proof components (Fuji / Schneider)
Throttling device: brand thermal expansion valve (Emerson / Danfoss)
Freezing oil: mineral oil
Starting method: Star triangle, direct start
Power system: 380V-50Hz-3N
Electric control box: explosion-proof electric box
Insulation material: anti-corrosion, waterproof, mesh insulation layer
Packaging: wooden chassis + waterproof film

Paint: High-strength matte paint

Nozzle connection: flange / thread interface

explosion-proof heat pump

H.Stars Group. was established in 1992, is a foreign invested enterprise, is specializing in cooling tower,Heating Ventilation Air conditioning and cooling,industrial cooling and heating equipment manufacturing.

H.Stars Group chilller factory

1. After sale service: All of our machine provide long time after-sale service .
2. We accept OEM orders, processing according to buyer’s samples or drawing
3. On-time shipment
4. Product quality protection   

5. Payment protection.

H.Stars Group factory

1) Wooden case with assemble package
2) Wooden pallet base
3) With transparent package  film well protect machine

4) For side go with buffer panel well protect machine during shipping period

Wooden package

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