High Voltage Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller

H. Stars 50STD High Voltage Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller has 14 standard specifications with cooling capacity range from 600RTto 2800RT, and lowest outlet chilled water temperature is 5°C.
Customized service available base on client requirement, such as anti-corrosion, sea water chiller with different material design. Power supply range has 6kv, 6.6kv, 10kv

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High Voltage Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller

Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller Features:

1. Surge avoidance two stage centrifugal compressor system; Economizer supply gas refrigerant for two stage centrifugal compressor, to increase cooling capacity up to 10%..

2. Adopt independent oil return system (ejection oil pump) to guarantee the oil return in time under any load.

3.  Adopt self-developed high efficiency Falling Film Type Heat Exchanger. Electronic expansion valve and liquid level sensor to control the liquid refrigerant level to ensure the evaporator always in the high efficiency heat exchange state.

4.  Own heat recovery patent. The waste heat generated during the refrigeration process is recovered by adopting our own patented heat recovery unit. When the chiller is adopted heat recovery system, the Centrifugal Chiller not only provides chilled water but also a large amount of free hot water.

5.  Adpot self-developed multi-stage throttling devices with self-adaptive function to adjust the refrigerant supply timely under variable load and working conditions to maintain the chiller unit staying at the highest efficiency stage.

High Voltage Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller

HMI Control Center of  High Voltage Centrifugal Water-Cooled Chiller:

1. Adopts high-integration single-chip microcomputer greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the system.

2. The HMI directly displays the fault content to cooperate with the simple operation interface to timely feedback various maintenance information.

3. The control system can be connected to the user's central control system (BMS) to monitor the chiller running situation freely.

4. Built-in electronic expansion valve drive module to ensure accurate liquid supply.

5. Three-phase voltage and current are displayed and highly integrated with the controller.

VFD Technology:

Variable Frequency Drive is to change the power supply frequency, thereby adjusting the load, reducing power consumption, reducing losses, and extending the service life of the equipment. The core of the VFD technology is the frequency converter, which realizes the automatic adjustment of the running speed of the motor through the conversion of the power supply frequency, and changes the fixed grid frequency of 50Hz to a changing frequency of 30-90Hz. In addition, it can widen the adaptable range of the power supply voltage to 142-270V, which solves the problem of affecting the operation of electric equipment due to the grid voltage instability. The technology that realizes AC control by changing the AC frequency is called VFD technology. Note: Customized products are available according to special needs.

centrifugal water chillers

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